Our Brands

Brands Fashion

Bo Carter

bold and unique women's fashion made by hand and with materials of the highest quality

vegan | organic | sustainable | hand-made


accessories hand-made from cork in Portugal, the home of cork

vegan | sustainable | local

Materia Rica

natural jewelry hand-painted by artists

vegan | sustainable | hand-made | local


jeans with no blood. no sweat. no tears. from England

vegan | organic | fair

Passion Animal

our own line of t-shirts and sweaters with artesan animal-prints

vegan | organic | sustainable | fair | hand-made | local


cheerful and romantic women's fashion with a vintage vibe designed in Barcelona



vegan streetwear that makes you look all but dressed in rags at great prices

vegan | organic (mostly) | fair


vegan art shirts that combine art and ethics

vegan | organic | fair | sustainable | hand-made | local


casual wear from organic cotton and innovative materials such as Tencel and kapok

vegan | organic | sustainable | fair

Xiro Eco

jeans made from high-quality Italian raw denim in Galicia

vegan | organic | sustainable | fair | local

Brands Shoes


urban-style vegan sneakers and shoes from Barcelona



sneakers and shoes that even have a sole made from plants

vegan | organic | sustainable | fair

Nomadic State of Mind

rope sandals made by hand and made from reclaimed fishing nets

vegan | sustainable | fair | hand-made

Brands Bags


bags and backpacks made from washable paper and in many beautiful colors

vegan | organic | sustainable | fair | hand-made

Korteza Vegetal

bags from Extremadura made from cork and other plant-based materials

vegan | sustainable | local | hand-made


bags and backpacks with that unique Italian design by a company that cares for animals also by donations

vegan | sustainable | donation


the tote bag that transforms into a backpack instantly

vegan | eco-friendly | fair


washable paper bags and backpacks from just around the corner south of Barcelona

vegan | sustainable | local | hand-made

bags and 

Brands Beauty

Alga Maris (Laboratoires de Biarritz)

natural sun protection that is great for you, the ocean and its marine life

vegan | cruelty-free | organic | sustainable

Ben & Anna

natural deodorant without aluminum and in a paper tube getting rid of any plastic as well

vegan | cruelty-free | organic | sustainable

The Humble Co

the best-selling bamboo toothbrush and everything else you need for your dental care

vegan | cruelty-free | organic | sustainable


nail polish the natural way

vegan | cruelty-free | organic

Organic Shop

basic, organic body care at great prices

vegan | cruelty-free | organic

Planeta Organica

young, completely vegan brand for body care high-quality organic ingredients

vegan | cruelty-free | organic


German producer of organic cosmetics with more than 30 years of experience

vegan | cruelty-free | organic | sustainable

Secrets de Provence

Solid shampoos and soaps from France with natural and organic ingredients.

vegan | cruelty-free | organic | sustainable

So Eco

Makeup brushes made from responsibly sourced materials & plastic-free packaging.

vegan | cruelty-free | sustainable


Lipsticks and eyeliners that give you all the color you want without harming animals or the environment

vegan | cruelty-free | organic | sustainable