About us

We are Marianne, Marta, and Markus, three people who are passionate about animals and we have created PASSION ANIMAL for everybody who is passionate about animals. With PASSION ANIMAL we wanted to create a place where it is possible to buy products from various categories in peace and tranquility knowing that all products are vegan.
But we wanted it to be more than a shop and more than a shop "just for vegans". So we are also offering books about animals and events that deal with veganism, but also with animal-related topics. This way, we hope to be a place where all kinds of animal lovers meet and get to in touch with veganism.
And if you buy something at PASSION ANIMAL you are not only buying products that do not exploit animals by not using any animal ingredients or any animal testing. You are also automatically donating 5% of your purchase to an animal welfare charity. Furthermore you can find merchandising products from different animal shelters in our "rincon solidario" with all proceeds of those sales going to the respective animal welfare organisation. And if everything goes super-well, the long-term goal is to found our own animal refuge!